Toronto, ON

One day, he lent me his shirt. He was about to leave for another country and I decided to keep it with me, to remind me of him, of the smell of him, until he came back. He came back but we had to be apart again. I tried to keep us together, emotionally, until I realized that he didn’t care about me. The shirt left forgotten in my drawers though it came back to haunt me from time to time, forcing me to remember the nostalgic, bittersweet moments between us.

It took me three years to let go of him completely, to think that if I met him on the street, I could say hi and hold small talk without feeling hurt, bitter or sad. To prove it, I’m sending you this shirt. He was an important part of my life – he inspired me to shoot for the stars and I did. I’m thankful he came into my life. I’m also thankful that he’s no longer here. Goodbye.