Cabbie Hat

Montreal, QC

This is the 4th incarnation of the same hat that I have had for a long time. And the first version that I paid for. The others before it, all of which I lost, were all from a time in my life when I had a bad habit of stealing from department stores–the Klepto Years as I call them. For me this particular hat represents a change in my lifestyle, which then led to a greater change in myself and has since put me onto a truly positive, productive, and successful life path. Although I cared less for the other versions of the hat and then subsequently lost them, I’ve held onto this hat for many years now in much the same way as I have held onto my values and dreams. Although I am not proud of the way I was, I am not regretful of it either because it is part of the whole of me- and I am incredibly happy with who I am and where I’ve gotten to in my life.