Knit Dog

Montreal, QC/Newfoundland

Paddock is a knit dog who was given to me by the congregation of my church when I left home to go to university. He was a familiar face and a piece of home in each of the various apartments I lived in while I was there.

In the summer of 2010, I got a job in Newfoundland, working as a tech for a theatre festival in a small town on the ocean. It was an amazing job, and an incredible summer, but it was very lonely. There wasn’t a lot to do in town, and I’d left all my friends, family, and my girlfriend 1000 miles away on the mainland. I felt incredibly isolated. Paddock reminded me that, far away though they were, there were people that loved me and missed me, and that I wasn’t alone. Since Newfoundland, Paddock travels with me, to remind me of what I come back to when I come home.