CBC logo“It’s so interesting to see the parallels and similarities between total strangers’ memories” [….] Maybe a sound or scene will trigger a flashback of your own. Whatever happens, the project strives to reveal the things we have in common.

Memory Palace is an ongoing community and public art project that explores how we share, experience and interact with our own and each other’s memories.

I’ve always been fascinated by how much our past interconnects with our present lives and identities. How do certain objects or sensory triggers “take you back” to a particular moment in time, a person you knew or an experience in your past? Can someone else’s memory elicit one of your own? What are the intersections and convergences of personal and collective histories?

Memory Palace began as a digital collection of memories attached to personal objects which you can explore here. You can also contribute your own memory here.

Memory Palace has also appeared as physical, interactive installations in Toronto, and continues to evolve with each iteration. Visit our News section to learn more about where you can find us in person.


Memory Palace is a recipient of the Ontario Theatre Creators’ Reserve which provides seed funding for creative projects. We would like to thank the organisations who supported the inception of this ongoing project: