Assembly Theatre

A hanging sculpture of Memory Palace was installed in the lobby of the Assembly Theatre in Parkdale, Toronto from March-November 2019. The space is one of the few remaining indie spaces in the city that hosts theatre artists, musicians, comedians and other groups for rehearsals, shows and events.

To extend the creativity identity of the space into the common lobby area, Memory Palace chose to hang a selection of memory orbs from the ceiling in the centre of the room where audience members normally wait or sit before entering the theatre. The piece can be taken in visually or become a conversation starter; people can also move through, touch and read the memories at closer range.

An activation table with pens, paper and string allowed people to add new memories to the piece if they were inspired by coming across someone else’s memory. Over the course of time new memories gradually populated the space, reflecting the comings and goings of visitors leaving a piece of their past.