Postscript Patio 2018

Memory Palace’s first physical installation took place at the Toronto Fringe’s Postscript Patio. The memories collected in the digital collection were turned into “memory orbs”containing a picture of the personal object and the memory behind it. These were hung along a fence in the Scadding Court rink for people to access and read.


The installation also contained a participatory component where the public could make their own memory orb and add it to the piece. The activation table contained materials and nine prompts for people to respond to when making their memory orb:

Something from your earliest memory
Something from a previous relationship
Something from an unforgettable meal
Something you hear that takes you back
Something from an adventure
Something from another place
Something you want to forget
Something that is no longer in your life
Anything you want


Over the course of the festival’s 10 days, the Memory Palace grew with new memories reflecting the personal and collective histories of the community.