Postscript Patio 2019

Memory Palace returned to the Toronto Fringe Festival’s Postscript Patio for a second time in 2019. In this iteration, a selection of the memory orbs created by the public last year were hung from a communal tent and the adjacent fencing.

mp panorama

Instead of using prompts to elicit new memories, this installation asked visitors to be inspired by the memories of strangers already on display. Visitors could either use colourful threads to tie connections between different memories, or add their own memory on clear pieces of acetate that mimicked the 3D orbs. These old and new materials combined to create a space that was both a recollection of last year’s installation and an evolution of a new piece with new memories.

Unlike the previous year which used an activation table that required in-person facilitation to create the memory orbs, this year’s installation was self-sustaining and could participated in at any time over the course of the festival.